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One third of European breeding bird species are migrant birds that occur across the continent and winter in Africa, and most of these species are landbirds. Many species are in serious decline from multiple causes in multiple areas of the flyway.

The EUFLYNET COST Action initiative aims to establish a scientific network focused on understanding the intricate dynamics of migrant landbird populations. Recognizing the necessity for research spanning the birds' extensive flyways, this network will be created on a large-scale platform, fostering cooperation and coordination among existing local research efforts across Europe. Emphasis will be placed on providing training and sharing expertise with peripheral countries to ensure comprehensive engagement.

This interdisciplinary research endeavor encompasses ecology, remote sensing, geographical modeling, and statistical techniques. Its primary objective is to predict and discern the timing and locations of population constraints within each migrant landbird species' annual cycle. By effectively analyzing the impacts of climate change and habitat alteration on these populations, the network aims to identify actionable management strategies to counteract declines.

The initiative's core breakthrough lies in conducting fundamental migrant landbird research at the appropriate scale. As pioneering examples of this approach demonstrate its effectiveness, the goal is to standardize this methodology across Europe and peripheral countries. Ultimately, this concerted effort will enhance our capacity to conserve migrant landbird populations, crucial contributors to ecosystem services like biodiversity and overall quality of life.


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EUFLYNET is an open, interdisciplinary and growing network welcoming academics, practitioners and relevant stakeholders to contribute to the activities of the EUFLYNET work plan.

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