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Birds of a Feather: Collaborative Breakthroughs at the EUFLYNET Jastarnia Event (part 1)

27.02.-02.03.2024, Jastarnia, Poland

We are thrilled to share insights from the first in-person meeting of the COST Action EUFLYNET! After our inaugural virtual gathering in autumn 2023, it was truly exhilarating to finally connect face-to-face. The meeting brought together 89 members from 31 countries in the scenic town of Jastarnia, where we spent five productive days discussing strategies to enhance our network’s effectiveness, collaboration, and inclusivity.

EUFLYNET has grown to include 156 members across 36 countries, and our ambition to expand further is stronger than ever. For those interested in joining our efforts and becoming part of this dynamic community, please visit our website and click the JOIN US link.

The exceptional efforts of the local organizers in Jastarnia provided the perfect backdrop to brainstorm and set specific goals not just for 2024, but for the entire duration of the COST Action. Looking ahead, we are tasked with three critical goals: Developing robust conservation strategies for migratory landbirds (Working Group 1), broadening our geographical scope to include more underrepresented countries thereby equalizing opportunities for researchers along the African-Eurasian flyway (Working Group 2), and intensifying our existing collaborations to enhance research outputs (Working Group 3). To learn more about the working groups visit the website!

This post marks the beginning of a series where we will delve into the results of these discussions in depth. But first, let's start with some cherished memories from the meeting, accompanied by a selection of photos that capture the spirit and engagement of our time together.

Written by: Martha Maria Sander with contributions from the EUFLYNET core group.

Photo credits: Tilen Basle, Joanna Białas, Natalia Dziubenko, Justyna Szulc and Magdalena Remisiewicz.

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