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Welcome to Our Flock

Hello to everyone stopping by,

We're thrilled to launch our new website, a home for everything EUFLYNET. It's where we shine a light on the fascinating world of migratory birds in Europe and share our journey to protect them.

EUFLYNET unites a diverse range of contributors—from civil society members, community leaders, and scientists across various disciplines to policymakers, busi-ness and private sector representatives, ecologists, educators, and anyone passio-nate about wildlife conservation.

Together, we share one common goal: to understand and protect the incredible journeys of landbirds between Europe and Africa.

Our website will be packed with useful info and ways to get involved:

  • Insights: Dive into the lives of the birds we're working to protect.

  • Discoveries: Catch up on the latest breakthroughs from our team.

  • Strategies: See how we’re planning to make a difference for birdlife.

  • Events: Find out about upcoming gatherings and how you can join.

We’re just getting started and there’s so much to do. We hope you’ll take a look around, join in, and maybe even spread the word. Every bit of support helps us on this mission to protect our feathered friends.

Thanks for being here with us. Together, we can do something amazing for bird conservation.



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